2014. január 5., vasárnap

Three meters above the sky

The days turn into months,
and you still feel the same,
you still feel all the pain,
all the love you have for him,
hasint faded yet,
the flashbacks consume your living moments,

you lie next to eachother,
you ask how happy he is,
he sais "from here to Barcelona"
you respond "I am more happy,
from here to the sky"
he whispers "I am more happy,desde aquí a tres metros sobre el cielo"
summer ended,
as did the love,

After months upon months,
of constantly thinking about him,
crying yourself to sleep at night,
thinking youll somehow find your way back to eachother,
its fate,its meant to be,
were supposed to be together,
well be together again I just know it,
after this..well,
it just hits you,

Suddenly you realize that everything is over,
theres no going back,you feel it,

And then you try to remember,
at what point it all began,
and you discover it started before you thought,
long before,

And its at that moment you realize,
things only happen once,
and no matter how hard you try,
youll never feel the same again,
youll never again feel,

Tres Metros Sobre El Cielo.